Command Post reports success of emergency ruling

The Command Post set up to oversee the implementation of the nationwide state of emergency has reported successes and some shortfalls observed in the so far implementation of the ruling.

Secretariat of the Command Post and Minister of Defense Siraj Fegessa today confirmed that activities by the Command Post helped reverse the imminent danger posed on the safety of the public as well as the peace and stability nationwide.

The Secretariat updated members of the local media on the latest developments of the state of emergency.

Siraj indicated that the unprecedented magnitude of the riot forced the government to decree an emergency law that proved successful in halting the danger posed by what he called anti-pace elements working with outside forces.

''Since its establishment, the Command Post has executed many tasks that enabled it to contain the damage posed by the recent unrest and ensure peace and stability in the country's four corners. The post also brings individuals who took part in the unrest to justice and breaks the chain they have created with outside sources," he stated.

According to the Secretariat, activities by the Command Post resulted in significant changes by neutralizing further threats posed on the lives of people and the enormous damage caused on private and public properties.

The Post has also been successful in controlling the damage targeted on infrastructures and other economic pillars of the country, Siraj added.

Among the successes mentioned was bringing individuals involved in the riot to justice.

''So far, over 400 individuals involved in the recent unrest gave themselves in by utilizing the 10 day ultimatum set by the Command Post," Siraj said.

He further noted that the Command Post plays a crucial role in normalizing the public's daily life, returning looted properties to rightful owners and assisting riot-affected factories to resume operation.

It was indicated that the active participation of the public in exposing wrong doers and their cooperation with law enforcement bodies at various levels has been a primary factor for the success.

Jointly with the public, the government is ready to take corrective measures on some law enforcing staff who abuse power while implementing the ruling, the secretariat added.

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