Ethiopia Desirous to Execute 50% of imports through Sudan

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that Ethiopia is desirous to use ports in Sudan to execute 50 percent of its import-export transactions.

Prime Minister Hailemariam who is on official visit to Sudan expressed his country's interest to President al-Bashir while discussing bilateral ties.

The Horn African nation wants to make export-import transactions through Port Sudan because of its nearness to the northern part of the country.

The Premier said Ethiopia wants half of its import-export transactions to be executed through Port of Sudan.

To realize this, the Premier said Ethiopia is building a dry port facility to transit commodities, he added over 90 percent of Ethiopia’s current foreign trade is conducted through Djibouti, making it the sole outlet for the country’s export and import transactions.

Because of the geographical location of Port of Djibouti, Ethiopia has been forced to spend extra cost to transport commodities to and from the northern part of the country.

In addition to lowering transport costs, Ethiopia’s access to Port Sudan would also help to reduce congestions at Djibouti and facilitate timely transit of commodities.

In addition to Sudan, Ethiopia is looking for alternative sea ports in neighboring countries of Kenya and Somalia to improve the country’s international trade.

The country has planned to use the Mombasa port, the Port of Sudan and Berbera, in addition to the Djibouti port.

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