Ethiopia’s achievement in the economic sector has contributed to its growing influence in the diplomatic sphere, according to Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Research Institute.

It has been 15 years since the country devised Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy that creates favorable condition for rapid economic development and the establishment of a democratic system.

The policy also indicates that economic diplomacy is the key goal in its relationship with every country.

Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies Research Institute Deputy Manager, Moges Teklemikael told ENA that the economic integration Ethiopia has created with many countries helped it to register rapid growth.

Moges, who noted that the main cause of Ethiopia’s vulnerability was poverty, added that the steady decline of this has resulted in making the country more influential and impacter.

At this time, “nations want Ethiopia for mutual dialogue”; and this shows the strength it has created in the diplomatic sphere, he stated.

Ethiopia’s emergence as the leading country in attracting foreign direct investment also shows the effectiveness of its economic diplomacy.

However, the government has to find lasting solution for the conflicts in some parts of the country as they expose it to security risk and decline in economic diplomacy, the Deputy Manager stressed.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Meles Alem said on his part “it is impossible to be successful in the diplomatic sphere with a weak economy.”

He added that the country transforms the political relations it creates with countries to mutually beneficial economic prosperity.

According to him, internally instigated vulnerability has been curtailed through the effort exerted to fight poverty and to create trust among citizens.

This has also helped in making the country to live peacefully in the turbulent Horn of Africa, Meles pointed out.

The Spokesperson cited a United Nations report which credits Ethiopia for playing a leading role in promoting peace in other countries.

A recent World Bank report also indicated that Ethiopia is the second country behind Vietnam in attracting foreign direct investment.

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